After Badger Buries Entire Cow Carcass, Scientists Go to the Tape

After Badger Buries Entire Cow Carcass, Scientists Go to the Tape


The Badgers in the UK have found themselves in trouble as they have buried entire cow carcasses.

The news was reported by The Daily Telegraph that the badger has dug a hole in the middle of a field in Wiltshire, West Berkshire, and the entire cow carcass has been covered.

The badger buries the entire carcass as it is full of worms, so it will make the cow’s flesh decay quickly and then it will be digested by the badger.

It is strange behavior, but scientists think that it is just an instinct of the animal.

However, the farmers are worried that the badger will bury the entire carcass in the same place, which may cause the spread of diseases.

So, the scientists went to the tape to see how much time the cow carcass took to be completely buried.

They found that the time taken was approximately 11.5 hours and they also found that the cow’s carcass is not decomposed as expected.

The scientists were surprised that the badger did not eat the internal organs of the cow, but they believe that it is just the instinct of the animal.

So, the scientists were also interested in finding out how the badger could find the exact spot to dig the hole.

They found that the badger had dug the hole in the same spot as before and the soil was just a little bit wet.

The scientists also believe that the badger may have used its sense of smell to find the exact location, but this is just an assumption and no one knows the exact reason.


The scientists are very impressed by the ability of the badger to dig a hole in the ground and cover the entire carcass.

I would like to share my views about the badger’s digging skill with you, but I don’t know how they found the exact spot to dig the hole, but if they find any clues then I will update this post.

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