CZN Burak: Fans devastated after seeing celebrity chef cry on camera

Screenrgab shows famous chef CZN Burak crying.— Facebook
Screenrgab shows famous chef CZN Burak crying.— Facebook

Fans were devastated as Burak Özdemir known as CZN Burak, a Turkish chef and YouTube sensation, sobbed inconsolably while he described the damage brought on by the worst earthquake ever in Turkey and Syria and pleaded for assistance.

The chef has also declared that he will assist the provinces hit by the 7.7-magnitude earthquake with its epicentre in Kahramanmaraş.

Who is CZN Burak?

CZN Burak is a Turkish chef who has a significant global fan base. With numerous restaurants across the globe and a staggering 44 million Instagram followers, the man is a giant in the culinary world. He is well-known for his enormous food items and videos in which he prepares a substantial amount of food for Syrian refugees. 

Everyone adores Burak Ozdemir and he is frequently spotted smiling as he prepares the tastiest meals.

Donations to turkey

The Hatay native, who was visibly moved after seeing the devastation in his hometown, pleaded for assistance in a video he posted on social media. Burak added he had organised trucks transporting relief to the impacted regions.

He could be seen in videos posted to his social media sites rolling up his sleeves and carrying food supplies and other necessities from his restaurant to the earthquake-affected areas.

In light of the fact that rescuers are still sifting through the debris in an effort to discover survivors of the tragic earthquake that struck Turkey and neighbouring Syria, it is important to highlight that the Turkish president has proclaimed a state of emergency in 10 provinces.

Turkey Syria earthquake

Disastrous 7.8-magnitude earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria on Monday, causing thousands of buildings to collapse and trapping millions of people beneath the rubble. A total of over 10,000 deaths have been reported, and thousands more are still trapped and waiting for help. 

The pictures are heartbreaking, an emergency has been declared, and rescue teams and supplies are being sent from all over the world.

CZN Burak’s fans react

Fans of the legendary chef are heartbroken to see him in tears and they are praying for all their brethren stuck in Syria and Turkey. Since the man is known for his iconic smile, it is shocking for viewers to see him weep.

“This broke my heart,” a fan commented on Facebook.

“May he get his smile back soon,” said another.

“A good human with a kind heart,” a social media user commented.

“Our prayers are with you CZN Burak,” a fan left a comment on Instagram.

“Please my brother do not cry, our prayers are with you,” chimed in another heartbroken fan.

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