Experts Predict Metacade Could Surge: 4 Reasons To Buy MCADE During Its Crypto Presale

Buying in early during a crypto presale is a key factor determining the size of returns that investors can make and is often the difference between a big win and life-changing gains. That’s why it can be useful to keep a close eye on expert opinion to help identify the top cryptocurrencies, especially on the rare occasions that everyone agrees on the next big thing.

Metacade is already making a huge splash throughout the investment world, as experts forecast a bright future for the disruptive new crypto presale.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a captivating new project that has set its sights on building the most comprehensive play-to-earn arcade in existence, enabling gamers to earn an income as they play. 

The project is one of the hottest crypto presales and has been lauded for the extensive rewards mechanism placed throughout the platform, with rewards not only available for gaming at all levels of competition but also for non-gaming activities such as writing game reviews or sharing alpha. Anything that has a direct impact on the quality of the user experience within the ecosystem will become an earning opportunity. 

How does MCADE work?

The high level of detail that the Metacade team have laid out in the recently released whitepaper has given investors a great deal of clarity as to the inner working of the Metacade economy.

The MCADE tokens serve as the project’s currency, and so the token price is intrinsically tied to the user growth on the platform, given the critically high levels of utility the token provides. The project has also carefully planned broader incentives, such as staking options for MCADE holders to earn a passive income while the project gains momentum. This makes MCADE a great example of a top cryptocurrency.

The project has also received recognition for its Metagrants program, which enables gamers to have a clear voice in the direction of the platform. This is achieved when development teams introduce their game ideas to the community for feedback, with MCADE holders voting on fund distributions to the worthiest projects. This sets a fully community-driven direction for the arcade’s P2E gaming library, breeding top-quality in the process. 

Here are the four biggest reasons MCADE has the potential to deliver astronomical returns for investors who secure their tokens at the bargain basement prices offered in the presale.

1. Metacade is set to offer more P2E games than any other platform

While most projects in the GameFi space focus on a single gaming experience, Metacade is building a huge arcade that will offer more P2E games than any other currently available to gamers.

This means that Metacade is able to cater to different ways of playing, from casual gamers looking to fit in a quick game with friends to more serious competitive gamers climbing the leaderboards or winning competitions. Metacade also dramatically reduces the risks associated with other GameFi projects, which need to try to keep players engaged with a single game over a long time period.

With Metacade positioning itself to be first-to-market with its innovative new approach, it could well benefit from network effects that make it extremely difficult for other projects to compete. 

2. It’s in an industry set to explode with growth

The gaming industry is already a huge and established market, and as it continues to grow at great speed, the predictions for GameFi are even brighter, with the sector growing at 10x the speed of traditional gaming.

This puts Metacade in a strategically strong position, as the potential user base is easy to target and ready to benefit from the earning potential that the huge P2E arcade could provide. As Metacade is setting up at the very heart of the GameFi movement, it means that the project seems very likely to capture a sizable portion of the market.

With blockchain gaming predicted to hit a $50 billion market cap by 2025, Metacade would only need to gain 4% of the market – a $2 billion market cap – for the value of MCADE to hit $1.

3. MCADE’s blisteringly extensive utility

The MCADE token is vital to the way the Metacade ecosystem functions, and the token having so much utility means that as Metacade user numbers grow at the high speed that many analysts are predicting, the demand for MCADE will likely increase accordingly.

This is one of the factors that are most important for investors looking to make big returns because it means that while the level of speculation and FOMO across the crypto world ebbs and flows over time, token demand for basic usage of a product cannot be impacted by hype.

MCADE’s utility is one of the key qualities that makes it such a strong investment compared to most other projects out there.

4. Investor-friendly tokenomics and staking opportunities

The MCADE token has a supply of just 2 billion with no inflation. This benefits the investor because it helps to maintain the value of each token by limiting the overall supply. 

Metacade also offers staking, allowing MCADE holders to earn a passive income alongside their core investment. This return is paid in stablecoins to avoid diluting the token supply. Design choices like these are a huge draw to investors, knowing that Metacade has their investment interests at heart. 

Not only does the Metacade project work to secure the value of its tokens right from the start, it has taken the step of being audited by market-leading crypto auditor CertiK. CertiK’s audit included an extensive background check on the Metacade team, along with formally verifying Metacade’s smart contract. The audit also includes a line-by-line audit of Metacade’s blockchain to highlight any vulnerabilities and protect investors from hacks.

Is Metacade a good investment?

The consensus from all respected crypto experts is that the Metacade crypto presale offers a phenomenal investment opportunity to those able to get in early enough. It’s why the project managed to raise an incredible $5.4m in the 10 weeks since the start of its presale.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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