5 IoT Failures That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

There are lots of things that will make you laugh, but I am going to share with you 5 IoT failures that will make you laugh out loud.

Smart Home Devices Have Made Life Easier

Everyone wants to have a smart home device that will make their life much easier. These days we don’t have to search for room temperature and light bulbs, we can just use our smartphones to control them.

But sometimes these devices can go wrong and that will leave us with a bad impression of these gadgets. I am going to share with you 5 IoT failures that will make you laugh.

1. The Smartphone Wasn’t Charged Properly

I am sure that you all have faced this situation where you needed to charge your smartphone but the phone wasn’t charging. Sometimes you are so tired and didn’t have the time to charge the phone.

So, when you needed to charge the phone, you just went to the bathroom and left the phone there. After some time you realised that the battery is low. So, you charged the phone, and then you returned back to the room.

At that moment, you noticed that the battery is full. So, you can conclude that the phone was charging properly. But, if you notice the phone for a day, you will notice that the battery is still low.

2. The Internet Was Not Working

When the internet is not working then it is really annoying and frustrating. You may be using the internet for some purpose but the internet is not working.

Sometimes you will try to restart the modem and sometimes you will try to switch off the router but nothing works. You can’t understand why the internet is not working.

You need to use the mobile internet to make sure that you will never face this issue.

3. The Smartphone Wasn’t Charging

When the smartphone is not charging, it is very annoying and frustrating. You need to charge the phone for an hour or two hours. When you are trying to charge your phone, you will notice that the charging light will come but the phone will not turn on.

You can try to reset your phone or use the right charger but you will have to spend a lot of time. So, I would suggest that you use a spare charger for charging your phone.

4. The Smartphone Wasn’t Connected to the Wifi

If you are using a smartphone and you are connected to wifi, then you will have to pay a lot of money for the connection.

Sometimes, the internet will be down and then you will need to pay a huge amount of money.


These are some of the worst and most common failures that you can experience. But, you will never get this kind of problem if you have a backup plan in place.

If you want to avoid these problems then you should use a reliable and good quality charger. I would also suggest that you should invest in a quality internet provider.


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