Photos of Jupiter From NASA Spacecraft, Both Near and Far

When it comes to the exploration of the cosmos, NASA is one of the biggest space organizations around the world. It has achieved a lot of things and its mission is still in progress. It’s now trying to capture pictures of the planet Jupiter and it will launch a spacecraft called Juno in July.

The photos of Jupiter taken by Juno will provide us with a new insight into the world of gas giants.

Juno will capture pictures of Jupiter as it passes very close to it and it will also take some distant shots.

After taking the photos, the spacecraft will also pass through the orbit of the planet. It will give a rare opportunity to scientists to explore the atmosphere of Jupiter. They will analyze the data and study the composition of Jupiter’s atmosphere. The scientists will then try to figure out why Jupiter is so different from the other planets.

The photographs of Jupiter taken by Juno will also help scientists to understand the planet’s magnetic field and its structure.

The space probe will also take images of the solar system’s ring and it will analyze the temperature of the solar wind.

NASA plans to launch another probe to Saturn in August 2018 and it will be named Cassini.

Cassini has already completed two missions to Saturn and it has also sent back hundreds of high-quality images. The space probe is still functioning and it is going to complete its mission.

So, let’s wait and see what Juno and Cassini will bring in the future.


NASA is the only organization that has done many great things. It has sent probes to every corner of the solar system and it has launched several successful missions.

It is the first time that NASA is trying to capture photographs of Jupiter. So, the people are eagerly waiting for this mission.


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