Prince Harry is right to ‘speak out’ as royal family is ‘dysfunctional’

Prince Harry received unexpected support from former England rugby star James Haskell who noted that it’s ‘important’ for the Duke to speak out.

During his conversation with OK!, James said: “Everybody’s entitled to an opportunity to say what they want, and when someone feels like they and their partner have been oppressed, lied about, contradicted and put into a corner, I think it’s very important [to speak out].”

“The royal family is a dysfunctional family, pretending they’re ordained by God and they’re not. They’re literally like every family in the world.”

“Whether he should have spoken, what he said was right or wrong, that is another story. I just feel people in that position don’t often get to tell their stories,” he noted.

“I think he has done it in a way that most of his peers and his family have never had the opportunity to do,” he continued. “I think, for me, that is important because it cannot be misinterpreted, or shouldn’t be misinterpreted.”

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