Taylor Swift spotted with ‘Deadpool 3’ director at Cooper’s NYC pad, fuels casting rumors

Taylor Swift’s NYC rendezvous with ‘Deadpool 3’ director fuels rumors of role in upcoming blockbuster.

Taylor Swift graced Bradley Cooper’s residence on Thursday, surrounded by a constellation of celebrity friends.

Among them were Shawn Levy, the director renowned for his work on the Deadpool franchise and Taylor’s dear friends, Blake Lively, the leading actor in Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, and the charismatic Hugh Jackman.

Taylor Swift donned an effortlessly chic ensemble, featuring an oversized black sweater coupled with shorts, all tastefully matched with a white blouse and knee-high tan boots. 

Blake Lively embraced comfort and style in a cozy cream top and cardigan, complemented by flared jeans and classic boots.

In the midst of the friendly get-together, Hugh Jackman, who is currently navigating the single life, made a stylish entrance in a blue polo top paired with jeans, complete with shades and a baseball cap to round out his look.

Ryan Reynolds, known for his role as Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, initially refuted any claims of Taylor Swift making an appearance in the film.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight back in November 2022, Reynolds expressed his willingness, stating that he would be “of course” happy for Swift to join the project.

This eagerly anticipated movie marks a significant milestone, being the first installment in the Deadpool franchise since Disney’s acquisition of Fox in 2019.

The film also heralds Hugh Jackman’s farewell to his iconic X-Men character, Wolverine, making it an exciting and emotionally charged chapter in the cinematic world.

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