Taylor Swift’s birth hospital commemorates ‘Newborn Era’: receive special bracelets

Taylor Swift celebrated her on Wednesday, Reading Hospital, her birthplace, marked the occasion with a delightful gesture for newborns. 

Parents welcoming babies on Swift’s birthday were presented with beaded friendship bracelets, each adorned with various uplifting sayings like ‘Newborn Era,’ ‘Fierce,’ ‘Fearless,’ and ‘Loved.’

The hospital, located in Berks County, shared the news on Instagram, stating, “In celebration of Berks County native Taylor Swift’s birthday, our babies are marking their newborn era today with adorable friendship bracelets from our staff!”

Taylor Swift’s birthplace, distributed approximately 60 beaded friendship bracelets in celebration of the pop star’s 34th birthday, according to Jessica Belzer, the hospital’s public relations manager. 

Dr. K. Ashley Brandt, the obstetrics section chief at Reading Hospital, expressed enthusiasm for the unique celebration, stating, “The ERAS-style friendship bracelets were such a fun way to celebrate the shared birthdays between Taylor Swift and our babies.” 

He added, “While I obviously don’t know Taylor personally, I would hope she’d approve of the way we honored her legacy and mutual birthday with our newborns.”

Charles F. Barbera, MD, President and CEO of Reading Hospital, highlighted the significance of the gesture, saying, “It was a fun moment to provide families with a keepsake for their baby books.” 

He praised the hospital’s maternal and NICU staff, emphasizing their dedication to caring for newborns and ensuring every family feels loved and supported.

Fans on social media expressed their excitement about the initiative, with one commenting, “Starting a new generation of Taylor fans! What a great idea! These will be special treasures for sure!” 

Another fan noted, “This was so nice, a whole new generation of hopeful Swifties.”

The bracelets align with a lyric from Swift’s track You’re On Your Own, Kid from her 2022 album, Midnights, where she sings about making friendship bracelets and embracing the moment without fear.

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