Why You Shouldn’t Walk on Escalators

Escalators are the most convenient way of commuting and for that reason, they are widely used. But if you are walking on the escalator, then you are putting your life in danger.

Escalators are not safe for the health and they are harmful to the body. There are certain safety tips that you should follow while walking on escalators.

Safety tips for walking on escalators

Don’t walk backward

If you are walking on the escalator, then never try to walk backward because that will make the people behind you fall down. If you have to walk backward, then use the stairs.

Never stand in the middle

It is not allowed to stand in the middle of the escalator because if anyone is standing in the middle, then that person will be trapped between the escalator. So, please stand on the side of the escalator.

Don’t stop the escalator

When you are standing on the escalator, please don’t try to stop the escalator. If you stop the escalator, then the people behind you will be thrown down and you may get injured.

Slow down

As we know that the escalator is a faster-moving thing. So, when you are walking on the escalator, you must walk slower than the escalator. If you try to run, then you might fall.

Wear the proper shoes

The shoes should be made of thick and sturdy material. Don’t wear the slippers because that will make your feet slip out of your shoes and you will fall down.


So, these are the top four tips to keep in mind while walking on the escalator. If you are not aware of these tips, then you may fall and get injured or you may die. So, please follow these tips to avoid any harm and injury.


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