Buffet ‘hacking’: These strategies will help you make the most of it

Hotel buffet ‘hacking’: These strategies will help you make the most of it.—The Sun  

Experts have unveiled a strategic approach to “hack” a hotel buffet, advising against diving straight in.

The Angle’s hotel specialists suggest taking a moment to survey the options before making decisions, emphasising the importance of orientation and avoiding the fear of missing out (FOMO).

To curb hunger, they recommend grabbing nuts or dried fruit initially, drawing parallels with grocery shopping and the need for well-fed decision-making.

After a comprehensive view of the buffet offerings, patrons are encouraged to mix and match items between stations for a more creative and balanced dining experience.

Hotel experts advise taking snacks back to the room for later enjoyment, especially during excursions or breaks between activities. They caution against choosing foods that may disrupt the travel experience, suggesting alternatives like adding coconut or almond milk to coffee for added protein and natural sweetness.

Traditional milk is discouraged, especially on an empty stomach, due to potential discomfort during travel, influenced by altitude and air conditioning effects.

To enhance the buffet experience, the experts recommend incorporating high-protein, low-fat options like egg whites or chia, paired with healthy fats such as nuts and avocado.

Avoiding salty foods is suggested to minimise discomfort associated with dehydration and bloating caused by altitude and plane conditions.

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