David Foster recalls working with Lisa Marie Presley: ‘She Was Iconic in Her Own Right’

David Foster recalled how it felt like working with Lisa Marie Presley as a singer when Elvis Presley was alive.

David Foster spoke with PEOPLE at the Music Center in Los Angeles for an event honoring Jerry Moss on Saturday evening, January 15. 

“I clearly remember the day we were in the studio together doing a duet with her father, ‘Don’t Cry Daddy,’ which was kind of profound in its own way, that she would be singing a duet with her father.”

“She just was a hard worker and infectious and fun and irreverent,” the Grammy Award winner continued.

Foster noted that he “actually liked her music.” ” I thought her music was cool. I don’t know how to make that kind of music, but she loved that music, and she made us love it too. So I appreciated her as an artist,” he shared.

The 73 year old added, “It’s a hell of a burden to carry around, to be Elvis’ daughter, and I think she wore it really well. I mean, obviously, the struggles that she had are well documented, but who knows what it was like to walk in her shoes? She was iconic in her own right.”

Foster was married to Elvis Presley’s ex Linda Thompson from 1991 to 2005.

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