Diner dupes customers, serves ‘dry ice’ instead of mouth freshener

Representational image. — AFP/File
Representational image. — AFP/File

In Gurugram City, India, police arrested a hotel manager for allegedly serving dry ice disguised as a mouth freshener to a group of diners, BBC reported.

The horrifying incident left five patrons vomiting and experiencing mouth bleeding after consuming the sugar and spice mix traditionally offered post-meal. Authorities revealed that the packet in question contained dry ice, a solid form of carbon dioxide commonly used as a cooling agent.

All affected customers had to be hospitalised following the incident. The police arrested the manager on charges related to poisoning “with the intent to cause hurt or harm.” Meanwhile, a search is underway for the owner of the food establishment, who is currently evading authorities.

The incident occurred when Ankit Kumar, a resident of Greater Noida city, visited the restaurant with his wife and friends. Post-dinner, a waiter offered them a packet of mouth fresheners. 

However, upon consumption, their mouths began burning and bleeding, and they started vomiting. A video circulating on social media captured the customers screaming in pain, with some attempting to alleviate the discomfort by putting ice in their mouths and gulping water.

Despite their distress, the customers accused the restaurant staff of refusing to assist. Subsequent examination by a doctor confirmed the presence of dry ice in the mouth freshener packet. 

The police are actively investigating the case, conducting a forensic analysis of the contents to gather further evidence.

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