Elon Musk Tells How he Spends his Entire Day to Run 5 Companies; Netizens React

New Delhi: Tech billionaire and Twitter head Elon Musk is noted for his long working hours to run his 5 companies in the respective fields including automobile-carmaker Tesla, Space Venture SpaceX, Microblogging platform Twitter, Brain research Neuralink and hyperloop mobility the Boring company. Handling all these companies at once is a tricky business and he works every day long hours to manage all of them.

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He has narrated how he spends his entire day in his new tweet. He said that he worked all day, then went home and played work simulator. His tweet so far has garnered over 7.5M views, 115.2k likes and 7,066 retweets. Netizens are suggesting him to take a break.

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Here’s how Netizens react

A Twitter user named eve6 took a dig as he commented that he told himself tweeting was working too. He is referring to Elon Musk who tweets very often.  

That’s how users react.

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