French daredevil Remi Lucidi falls from 68-storey building

Remi stands atop a highrise building in this photo. — Instagram/remnigma
Remi stands atop a highrise building in this photo. — Instagram/remnigma

Remi Lucidi, a French daredevil known as Remi Enigma on social media, died in a stunt as he plunged 721ft from the top of a 68-storey building in Hong Kong.

Lucidi was confirmed dead at the scene after authorities rushed to assist the 30-year-old stuntman after his fall.

The Frenchman, according to The Sun, had arrived at the tower on Thursday evening after telling a security guard he was visiting a friend.

However, the resident denied knowing Lucidi, which triggered a search for him.

Despite a security guard’s attempts to stop him, he had made his way to the top, reaching the 49th floor by the lift and then taking the stairs to the top, according to closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage.

Before falling to his death, Lucidi was seen knocking on the building’s windows, calling a maid for help.

Sources said that cops believe the 30-year-old thrill-seeker had been trapped outside the penthouse shortly before his death.

A camera found at the scene contained videos of his other risky stunts, The Sun reported, adding that Gurjit Kaur, the owner of the hostel Lucidi was staying, described him as a “friendly and humble guy.”

“He was healthy and fit and happy-faced. I feel very sad,” Kaur said.

Moreover, a worker who claimed he spoke to Lucidi said: “He told me he was going to hike a mountain when I asked where he was going.

“He said he wanted to hike a lot when he was here.”

Lucidi was a stuntman who often shared footage of his nerve-wracking elaborate stunts with his Instagram followers.

He had already climbed high-rise buildings in Bulgaria, Colombia, France, Dubai, and Poland.

As the news of his passing spread, fans and followers poured condolences on his final post on Instagram, which showed a photo from Times Square in Hong Kong.


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