Here Is How Metacade (MCADE) Could Make You a Fortune – The Best Gaming Crypto Project in 2023

As the dust settles on a rocky year for crypto in 2022, skilled investors are already assessing the market for a standout opportunity to make mind-blowing profits in 2023. While DeFi has taken a pummeling in light of so many problems, one area breaking the mold and showing much potential for the future is GameFi.

One project, in particular, is making waves with its innovative approach to Web3-powered gaming, and so many of those looking for the best gaming crypto projects to invest in for 2023 are being drawn to Metacade.

The Metacade presale is underway now and has turned many heads with its unparalleled success. The project’s presale has raised an unbelievable $3.2m in just 9 weeks as investors do everything they can to lock in the future profits that seem inevitable through owning the project’s token, MCADE.

Metacade – Destined for success?

Industry experts have highlighted that gaming is one of the key areas set to see a drastic and far-reaching set of changes due to the onset of blockchain technology, and many well-known names are already dipping their toes. Metacade is a project that shows a clear understanding of the space and has the potential to disrupt the gaming industry. 

The presale, now in stage 2, has drawn hordes of private investor groups, with those assessing gaming crypto projects seeing the potential the project has following the release of the Metacade whitepaper, which lays out the vision for the project.

The price of the project’s token, MCADE, started its presale at just $0.008 and is set to increase through nine stages to $0.02. The seasoned investor arena believes that the token price will see momentous growth post presale and has acted to acquire MCADE while it remains at these heavily discounted prices.

How High Can the Price of MCADE Go?

GameFi, the intersection of the gaming world and finance world, powered by Web3 technology, is set to increase in size significantly over the coming years, with one forecast putting the compound annual growth rate at more than 30% for the next six years.

This explosion in activity means that there will be swarms of users flooding into the space, and with the MCADE token being fundamental to the usage of the Metacade platform, there is no doubt that the price of MCADE is likely to see significant increases in line with adoption.

In 2021, some other gaming crypto projects saw some success, with projects like Axie Infinity (AXS) and Decentraland (MANA) seeing significant user numbers and interest. Axie Infinity reached a market cap high of $10 billion dollars in 2021 in spite of the industry being brand new, which shows that there is significant room to grow.

Hypothetically, should the market cap of Metacade grow to a similar size, alongside a doubling of the total market cap for Web3, the price for MCADE would increase to a mind-blowing $10 in light of its favorable tokenomics for investors.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a project focused on building a huge community hub for gamers. It is centered on its enormous play-to-earn (P2E) arcade, where gamers can generate income by playing their favorite games.

The project also features a whole host of competitive and tournament play with sizeable rewards. Community contributions are also rewarded with MCADE tokens, helping ensure that all users are incentivized to grow and improve the ecosystem.

Staking is being built into the platform to allow MCADE holders to build a passive income, all while supporting the project.

How does Metacade work?

The flagship P2E arcade is the platform’s primary focus. This functionality is complemented by the rewards system, ensuring that users are compensated for the time and effort they put into making the ecosystem the go-to place for all gamers.

The project is designed to be self-sufficient with several revenue streams, including on-platform advertising and a launchpad where developers can release their games. This forethought places Metacade in a strong position because the ability of the project to sustain itself means that the focus of the Metacade team and the community can be on growth.

Another exciting area that Metacade is building is Metagrants. Metagrants let experienced game developers pitch their game ideas directly to the community, with MCADE holders able to vote to decide which games should be funded. This helps ensure that Metacade’s arcade is continually stocked with popular games, driving community growth and, in turn, the price of MCADE.

Is Metacade worth buying?

There is a good reason that the MCADE available during the presale is selling so fast. With the GameFi space predicted to see strong growth combined with a compelling vision for the Metacade ecosystem, it should be no surprise that Metacade is considered one of the best gaming crypto projects out there. Undoubtedly, those who buy MCADE at reduced presale prices are likely to be in for a fantastic 2023.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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