Iran thwarts drone attacks on Isfahan military site – SUCH TV

An explosion at a military plant in Iran’s central city of Isfahan was caused by a failed drone attack, Iranian state media has said, citing the Defence Ministry.

“One of (the drones) was hit by the air defence and the other two were caught in defence traps and blew up. Fortunately, this unsuccessful attack did not cause any loss of life and caused minor damage to the workshop’s roof,” the ministry said in a statement carried by the state news agency IRNA early on Sunday.

Iranian news agencies earlier reported the loud blast and carried a video showing a flash of light at the plant, said to be an ammunitions factory, and footage of emergency vehicles and fire trucks outside the plant.

“[The attack] has not affected our installations and mission…and such blind measures will not have an impact on the continuation of the country’s progress,” the ministry statement said.

In a statement released early on Sunday, the Iranian Defence Ministry said that one of three drones attacking the defense equipment manufacturing complex in Isfahan was downed by a defense system stationed inside the facility and two others exploded after being caught in traps set by the defense system.

The statement said the unsuccessful drone attack, which happened late on Saturday, failed because of preparedness of the defense system stationed in the region.

It said the attack had no casualties and only caused slight damage on the roof of the defense equipment facility.

“Thanks to God’s blessing, the attack caused no disruption to the equipment and the operations of the complex,” said the statement.

The ministry did not say who was suspected of carrying out the attack.

The statement came shortly after Iranian media reported a loud blast in Isfahan.

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