Is your Business EV ready? Expert advice from CUPRA UK’s Fleet Team

All over the country, businesses large and small are electrifying their fleets. For some the motivation is purely environmental, others are drawn to the generous tax breaks and a desire to stay ahead of the legislative changes – others still by a desire to equip their employees with the latest, leading-edge technology.

Whatever the driving force behind the decision, it’s a switch that many companies approach hesitantly, unsure if their business is EV ready. To clarify the process we talked to CUPRA UK’s Fleet Team, who are spread regionally across the UK, on how to assess if your business is in the right place to make the switch. Each member of CUPRA UK’s Fleet Team has completed a course to be awarded the Galileo Master Certificate, an internationally recognised certification in the renewable energy industry. Among other things, this gives them a deep understanding of the environmental benefits of switching to EV.

A business is only EV-ready when the whole team is on board and that means convincing the people actually driving the vehicles, many of whom will see their company car as one of the key perks of the job. For National Fleet Manager Justin Costello this means making sure they have some control. “Company car drivers always want to choose from a range of vehicles. They want something that’s going to stand out in the car park, offers a great driving experience and has really good technology. And I think CUPRA ticks all of those boxes.”

He also points out that the best way to win over your workforce is to get them behind the wheel of an electric car. “The test drive programme is our best advocate because as soon as people drive the vehicle they notice they’re driving a better product.”

Going with a brand that offers a suite of different vehicles is also a good way of ensuring your readiness isn’t compromised by ‘range anxiety.’ For most employees, a car like CUPRA’s Born, which, when fitted with a 77kWh battery, can do up to 342 miles (WLTP)* without stopping, will be more than adequate. Even those whose jobs necessitate a lot of driving tend to do under 200 miles a day, well below the Born’s range, and in many cases those who imagine that it will be an issue are often surprised when they actually experience the cars.

Winning over your workforce is a crucial component of switching your fleet to EV


As Area Fleet Manager Jeremy Young notes: “I’ve had several instances where the drivers significantly overestimated their daily mileage and discovered that the ranges on the cars actually worked perfectly well for them.”

In terms of practicalities, assessing your employees’ access to charging points is an important part of readying your organisation. But for the CUPRA experts, the experience of actually using the existing infrastructure often changes perceptions. For those operating out of a central hub, government grants are available for small to medium-sized businesses keen to install charging points at their place of work. But if making the switch to full EV really isn’t practical for some of your drivers, CUPRA can put together a flexible fleet comprising fully electrics and hybrids.

Jeremy Young again: “Every customer is different; some of them are on a fast track, others want to go at a much slower pace. It is never a one size fits all solution.”

For businesses large and small, cost is also obviously a factor and while the upfront investment in EVs is currently greater than it is with combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles represent a sound investment when it comes to the all-important Total Cost of Ownership, which takes into consideration servicing, tax, insurance, and running costs.

They’re also great for company car drivers who can save substantially on their monthly bills, as Area Fleet Manager Mark Penny is keen to stress: “Benefits in Kind payments could be reduced from as much as £300 down to £30 a month and you’re looking at probably half the price per mile on an electric car compared to an internal combustion engine car.”

The in-the-know experts at What Car? magazine agree: “All electric cars, including the CUPRA Born, are smart business buys. This is because if you purchase one through a limited company, you can claim a first year allowance of 100% against your corporation tax bill. The CUPRA Born is such a good all-round car that it gets What Car?‘s maximum five-star rating. And like all EVs, it will be cheap for a company’s employees to run as a company car.”

Find out more here about the benefits of switching to EV and how CUPRA can help you on your EV journey

*The CUPRA Born is a battery electric vehicle. Figures shown are for comparability purposes; only compare electric range figures for battery electric vehicles tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including the accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. Battery electric vehicles require mains electricity for charging. Figures based on a fully charged battery.


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