Joe Biden nukes Donald Trump’s assault on democracy in one of most powerful speeches

Joe Biden, displaying a mix of anger and passion, tore into Trump, with The New York Times describing it as a ‘ferocious condemnation’

U.S. President Biden participates in a political event with reproductive rights groups, in Washington. — Reuters/File

President Joe Biden delivered a searing and impassioned speech just miles from historic Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, decimating Donald Trump and condemning his attacks on American democracy, Raw Story reported.

The address is being hailed as one of Biden’s most powerful, with politics editor Marty Kady noting, “This may be the most powerful speech — just a few minutes in — Biden has ever given.”

Former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh praised Biden for directly confronting Trump, stating, “Republicans cannot defend what Joe Biden is forcefully calling out. They just can’t.” 

The President, displaying a mix of anger and passion, tore into his likely 2024 opponent, with The New York Times describing it as a “ferocious condemnation.”

Biden explicitly addressed Trump’s reluctance to denounce political violence, declaring, “Political violence is never ever acceptable in the United States. Never, never, never. It has no place in a democracy. None.” He sharply criticised Trump and his supporters for embracing political violence and making light of it.

Referring to Trump’s jokes at rallies, Biden exclaimed, “What a sick –” before stopping himself from name-calling. He expressed his disdain, stating, “I think it’s despicable. Seriously. Not just for a president but for any person to say that, say it to the whole world listening.”

Biden emphasized that Trump’s assault on democracy is not just in the past but is a promise for the future. He asserted, “Trump’s assault on democracy isn’t just part of his past. It’s what he’s promising for the future. He’s being straightforward.”

The President’s forceful condemnation underscores his commitment to defending democratic values against any threat, leaving a lasting impact on the political landscape, according to political observers.


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