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Following the petrol bomb, people can get some relief from electricity bills as National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) on Tuesday reduced the cost of electricity per unit by Rs10.80 for K-Electric’s consumers and Rs2.31 for other consumers.

The NEPRA has approved a reduction in electricity price by Rs10.80 per unit for the month of December, in the form of a monthly fuel adjustment.

The decision was taken following an open hearing which was presided over by Chairman of Nepra, Tauseef Hasan Farooqi where the complainants were also present.

During the hearing, Nepra member Rafiq Shaikh expressed his disappointment with the failure to produce cheap electricity.

Additionally, consumers complained about ongoing load shedding in Karachi, which Nepra officials expressed indignation about.

The reduction in electricity price was approved after reviewing the data on power generation and transmission.

Nepra has also approved the reduction in the cost of electricity per unit by Rs2.31 under monthly fuel adjustment for other consumers.

Under the chairmanship of Nepra Chairman Tauseef Hasan Farooqui, a hearing was held on the Central Power Purchasing Agency’s (CPPA) request to reduce the price of electricity by Rs2.20 per unit on account of monthly fuel adjustment.

The CCPA maintained in the petition that 8.96 billion units of electricity were produced in December.

The reference cost for December was fixed at Rs9.31 per unit but the total cost turned out to be Rs7.11 per unit.

Therefore, CCPA requested the power regulator to cut power tariff by Rs 2.20 per unit under monthly fuel adjustment.

However, Nepra approved the reduction of electricity by Rs 2.31 per unit against request of Rs2.20 citing losses on the part of CCPA.

The consumers will get a relief of Rs18.70 billion in their January bills.

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