Tips for Being a Good Tour Guide

Tips for Being a Good Tour Guide
Tips for Being a Good Tour Guide

Whether you’re taking visitors on an epic adventure or simply showing them around your local area, there are a few rules you should follow in order to help your tour go off without a hitch.

In this article, I will tell you how to be the best tour guide and give you insider tips on what makes a good tour guide.

1. Know the Facts About the Place You’re Going

A good first step for anyone who wants to become a tour guide is to know the place they’re going. Not only will this help you with your presentation skills, but it will also give you some insight into the culture of the place you’re visiting. Knowing what to expect in terms of the local culture, language, food, and even weather can help you plan ahead and prepare accordingly.

You can do this by researching the place online or reading books that are written by people who have visited the place you want to go to. You can also talk to someone who has traveled to the place you want to visit. Having the right information before you begin your trip will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises.

2. Know the History of the Place You’re Going

Know the history of the place you’re going. This could include knowing the area’s background, the current political climate, and the history of the people who live there. Knowing the history will help you figure out how to connect with your audience and what you should say to them.

3. Be Prepared

Most tourists are looking for a great deal of information, and as a result, most tourist guides are not prepared for questions. They are usually tired and not very responsive, and they often don’t have the tools to help you. This is because most guides are only there for one purpose – to make money.

Don’t be that Guy always and remember the best tour guides are those who know their subject inside out and can talk about their particular place with a passion.

4. Dress Well

If you’re a tourist guide, dress well. People who are dressed well will attract attention, and they will be seen as trustworthy. They’ll be more likely to receive better tips and recommendations. Also, the perception of trustworthiness goes hand in hand with the perception of professionalism. Dress well and you’ll appear to be more professional than others, and you’ll appear more trustworthy, too.

5. Choose Appropriate Attire

It’s important to dress appropriately for the weather and season if you want to stand out as a guide. If you’re working outside in the summer, wear light colors and shades and bring a hat. If you’re working inside in the winter, bring layers and a scarf or hat.

In order to be a good guide, you must understand the weather. You must also know about the seasons. You must learn about clothing requirements for different types of seasons. If you are working outdoors, you must know about clothing requirements. For example, if you work in the summer, you need to wear shorts and a t-shirt. If you are working inside in the winter, you must wear jackets and sweaters.

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6. Bring Comfortable Footwear

The more comfortable you are in your own shoes, the more natural and relaxed you’ll appear in front of your audience. When we first meet people, we try to guess what kind of footwear they’re wearing, and sometimes we’re wrong. If you have on a pair of tennis shoes, for example, we think you might be uncomfortable. So we start making assumptions about you. Even if you are wearing the most comfortable shoes, if you’re not comfortable in your own skin, no one else will be comfortable in yours.

As a tourist guide, I found that bringing comfortable footwear helped my clients feel more comfortable. They also got more out of the tour, since they didn’t have to worry about hurting themselves or breaking a shoe.

Said by: Former Tourist Guide

7. Bring Water

Bring Water
Bring Water

If you are a tour guide, the last thing you need to be thinking about is dehydration. This is a very simple concept but is often forgotten. If you have ever been to a place where water is in short supply, it is essential to bring some with you. You never know when you may be hiking through the desert or climbing a mountain.

If you are going on a tour, make sure to bring some water with you. If you are going on a long trip, make sure that you have enough to drink during the entire trip.

8. Have a Plan

As a tourist guide, you need to have a plan for the day you are visiting. What are the activities that you can share with your clients? What are the things you can offer that will make them feel good about themselves? What will you do to create a sense of belonging for your clients?

For example, I was a tour guide in Vietnam for a week. While the city is beautiful, the country is not. It’s a mix of communist and capitalist, and the roads are terrible. My plan? To get up early and go hiking. I hiked to a waterfall that was a short 20 minutes away. But I didn’t tell anyone about it because I wanted to have the experience alone. I would have been too busy trying to impress my clients.

9. Remember What Other Tour Guides Said

It’s very important to remember what other tour guides have said about the places you are visiting. There are so many conflicting opinions, but if you can remember some of the most common things they say, you can save yourself some trouble and make a lot more customers.

“You will never get a return visit from any of your customers unless you take good care of them.”

10. Be Friendly

When I first started working as a tour guide in Prague, the first thing that struck me was how friendly and helpful everyone was. I quickly realized that being friendly and helpful is the easiest way to make a visitor feel comfortable in any situation. It doesn’t matter whether you are guiding a tour group or simply walking around a city: If you are nice to people, they will be nice to you.

11. Learn the Language

Whether you’re a tourist guide or a travel writer, knowing the language of your audience can help you better understand their needs, wants, and preferences. This understanding will help you write more relevant content and convert more visitors into customers.

12. Be Helpful

Be Helpful
Be Helpful


If you are a tourist guide, you should be helpful to tourists. You want to be helpful to tourists because they will be your customers, and you want to make sure they have a pleasant experience. Don’t take advantage of people; don’t force anything on them. They’ll just come back again.

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13. Show Respect

Show respect if you’re a tourist guide. This is not just for your own sake. You are representing your country, city, and your company. There is an expectation that people are going to respect you. So when you come across as disrespectful, it comes across as arrogant and unhelpful. It’s bad for business.


In conclusion, if you want to make sure your tours are successful, take these guidelines into consideration: Make sure you have the right tour guide for the job. Choose a tour guide who has the same goals as yours. A good tour guide will be flexible and adaptable, so he or she can work well with the client. Ask questions to ensure that you’re getting what you want.

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