Twitter Lists Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Charts, What This Means for New Cryptos Like Metacade

Twitter’s new head honcho Elon Musk does nont disguise his love of cryptocurrencies. His backing of the meme coin Dogecoin caused a temporary hike in the price of DOGE. Some big name price charts are being published on Twitter, Bitcoin and Ethereum for example, in a move no doubt pushed by Musk to bring crypto to a broader audience.

What this means for the value of Dogecoin since Musk’s purchase of Twitter, Bitcoin and Ethereum in the coming months remains to be seen. However, it could prove good news for new cryptos such as Metacade, which has gained plenty of presale momentum generated by exposing a new generation of investors to the potential of new blockchain projects.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a brand new experience in the burgeoning GameFi sector, with the platform hosting the metaverse’s first-ever virtual video gaming arcade. The project’s primary aim is to build the most extensive library of play-to-earn (P2E) video games anywhere in the metaverse, while building a community of gaming fans and like-minded enthusiasts together where they can hang out harmoniously and benefit from each others’ contributions.

As well as the vast P2E capabilities Metacade offers users, members also stand to benefit through other earning initiatives. This includes its Create2Earn scheme, where users are rewarded for contributing socially to the broader community. Rewards can be claimed for writing game rewards, sharing alpha, passing on gaming tips to other users, and contributing to live chats.

In addition, the Compete2Earn program allows users to stake the native MCADE token to enter online tournaments and regularly occurring prize draws with potentially lucrative rewards to be earned. These stakes are a source of revenue generation for the platform, some of which is reinvested into the projects, with the rest helping to fund gamer rewards.

How does Metacade work?

Staking forms one of the revenue generation streams from internal sources, with several contributions from external routes contributing to Metacade’s self-sufficient ecosystem. These include selling advertising space on the platform, charging external companies to release their games on Metacade, and charging Web3 companies to post job vacancies on its careers board from Q1 of 2024.

These revenue streams raise MCADE tokens, which underpin the entire Metacade platform and the various avenues for members to earn passive income. They also provide the source of one of the gems in the Metacade crown, which looks set to change the future GameFi landscape.

Metacade: Driving GameFi innovation

As part of Metacade’s revolutionary Create2Earn scheme, it will launch the ground-breaking Metagrants scheme in Q3 of 2023. This allows game developers to apply for funding to support them in creating new platform-exclusive titles. Developers submit their ideas into a pool that goes to the community for voting.

The most popular ideas are allocated crypto funding to help ideas become a reality. The beauty of Metagrants is that it promotes innovation and creativity while empowering community members to take control of the platform’s future direction and supporting the game titles they want to play.

There are more comprehensive benefits for the GameFi industry provided by the Metagrants program, with the best new talent gaining encouragement and essential work experience. Individuals can use this to take advantage of opportunities on the platform’s job board and push their careers forward through their Work2Earn scheme. 

This focus on creating new titles and filling the best job opportunities with some of the top Web3 talent will place Metacade at the front of the growing GameFi revolution.

Is Metacade a good investment?

The challenging market conditions experienced across 2022’s bear market look set to continue to afflict the big crypto guns such as Bitcoin as we enter 2023. Despite the greater exposure provided by the listing of price charts on Twitter, Bitcoin still fluctuates according to market trends. Indeed, history shows that even backing from Elon Musk doesn’t necessarily translate into substantial price gains, as proven by Dogecoin. 

Metacade looks set to buck this trend with its wide-ranging, multi-layered, and watertight roadmap provides an excellent long-term future for the project. Metacade has sought to further ensure early investors by submitting their coding and team for a CertiK audit, which verifies the quality of the platform’s underlying code and the identity of their team members.

The most compelling argument to invest in Metacade lies in the performance of their coin presale. The initial stages sold out within weeks, raising $4.5m  – a momentum that is only continuing to accelerate in subsequent funding rounds. Currently available at $0.013, the price is guaranteed to rise throughout the presale to a final value of $0.02, at which point MCADE will hit exchanges.

At this point, predictions are that demand for MCADE will surge, pushing the value ever higher and potentially beyond the $1 barrier in 2023. Wider audience exposure to crypto gives Metacade investors an even broader scope to make gains, so the Bitcoin and Ethereum price charts listed on Twitter will no doubt help the P2E gaming project.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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