Ukraine war: Scores feared dead as Russia hits Kharkiv blood transfusion centre

Scores are feared dead and wounded as Russia hits Kharkiv blood transfusion centre. Twitter/ZelenskyyUa
Scores are feared dead and wounded as Russia hits Kharkiv blood transfusion centre. Twitter/ZelenskyyUa

Russia has targeted a blood transfusion centre in the eastern Ukrainian town of Kupiansk with a Russian-guided aerial bomb, resulting in a tragic loss of life and numerous injuries.

The strike occurred late on Saturday, as tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to escalate.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky swiftly responded to the attack, conveying his sorrow and condemnation via his Telegram channel. He confirmed the presence of both fatalities and wounded individuals, stressing the gravity of the situation. Firefighters and rescue teams were dispatched to the scene to contain the ensuing fire.

This incident underscores the relentless aggression displayed by Russia in the ongoing conflict. Kupiansk, located in the Kharkiv region, is merely a stone’s throw away from the battlefront and within close proximity to the Russian border. The blood transfusion centre, vital for medical assistance in times of crisis, now lies in ruins due to the targeted bombing.

The strike on the blood transfusion centre closely follows another attack, this time on a facility belonging to the Ukrainian aeronautics group Motor Sich. The group’s importance in aviation engineering makes this assault significant, as it reveals the systematic targeting of essential sectors of Ukraine’s infrastructure.

Notably, Kupiansk has been subject to repeated Russian strikes in recent months, exacerbating the challenges faced by the local population. The attack also coincided with Ukraine’s counter-offensive in the south, prompting speculation that Russia may be trying to divert Ukrainian resources to the east.

President Zelensky, resolute in his determination, addressed the nation in the face of these adversities. He reaffirmed Ukraine’s unwavering stance against aggression, stressing that Russian attacks will not deter their efforts to defend their sovereignty. 


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