Andrew Tate to remain in Jail as court upholds decision to extend his detention

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan will remain in custody for another month after an appeal against their detention has been rejected.

They were arrested last month on suspicion of human trafficking and rape by the Romanian police. In January, a judge extended the British-American influencer and his brother’s detention until 27 February – a decision upheld by the Bucharest Court of Appeal on Wednesday.

Tina Glandian, a new US legal advisor to the Tate brothers, has argued that their detention without charge for more than 30 days was a violation of international human rights law.

Speaking to reporters before the appeal was rejected, she alleged that “outside pressures” had impacted the case on the case, but declined to explain what those pressures might be, adding: “So far the system has failed.”

The legal expert continued: “The lack of evidence was shown by the fact there were still no charges despite the brothers being in custody for a month and police investigating since April.”

Glandian –  who has experience in representing high-profile figures such as Mike Tyson and Chris Brown – said that “Tristan Tate had also been unable to meet his new three-week-old child. She also denied the brothers could flee Romania and suggested other measures such as removing passports or house arrest could be used.”

Tina Glandian’s appointment is being seen as an important development in the case as it could bring a new approach to the Tates’ legal team, as they try to secure the brothers’ release from preventative custody. The former Kickboxer champion and his brother have also hired a communications specialist to respond to media interest in the case.

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