Blake Lively gives sneak peek bts of Taylor Swift’s 34th birthday bash

Blake Lively raves about Taylor Swift in birthday tribute.

Blake Lively unveils behind-the-scenes snaps and tribute on Taylor Swifts birthday! Swifties were treated to a VIP pass into Taylor Swift’s star-studded 34th birthday celebration, courtesy of her longtime friend Blake Lively. 

The actress shared a dazzling array of behind-the-scenes snapshots, capturing the essence of the A-list soirée.

From Taylor mingling with her famous squad to heartfelt embraces with Blake and the magical candle-blowing moment, Lively’s post became a treasure trove for fans eager to relive the glittering affair. 

In a group snap, Blake, Taylor, Gigi Hadid, and Keleigh Sperry radiated glam, capturing a slice of the dazzling affair. 

The series of photos also showcased the heartwarming moment when Taylor was presented with her cake, sharing an embrace with Blake that melted fans’ hearts.

Swift herself shared glimpses from the bash, featuring shots with Blake, Gigi, Sabrina Carpenter, and others, although her boyfriend Travis Kelce was notably absent. 

Zoe Kravitz took center stage as she presented Taylor with a frosted masterpiece, and the crowd cheered on as the birthday girl playfully stuck out her tongue, relishing the festivities. 

Taylor’s gratitude for the year that ‘actually happened’ echoed in her caption.


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