George Clooney details about ‘pretty boy’ Brad Pitt’s brutal pranks on movie set

George Clooney and Brad Pitt reunite for upcoming movie, Wolves

George Clooney has recently dubbed Brad Pitt as “pretty boy” as they both set to reunite on the big screen for their upcoming movie, Wolves.

“Pretty boy Pitt,” quipped Clooney while speaking to Extra.

The Descendants actor mentioned, “I don’t know if you’ve seen him up close lately. He doesn’t look so good. But with makeup and visual effects, we’re able to save him.”

Clooney, who has been close with pal Pitt ever since they starred in the Ocean’s Eleven, revealed how the Troy actor is a “brutal prankster” during The Boys in the Boat premiere.

“My pranks, they could take forever. But Brad’s pranks cut to the bone. Like, they hurt,” stated the 62-year-old.

Clooney told the outlet, “I can’t go home to my hometown because he’s done something to me. They’re dirty, dirty tricks.”

Earlier this year, Clooney and Pitt were reportedly spotted in New York City filming their movie, Wolves.

This isn’t the first time Clooney discussed about Pitt’s pranks.

He also shared in 2020 that the Fight Club actor secretly sent a memo to his neighbours in Lake Como telling them to “address him only by the name of his character from the Ocean’s franchise and not to look him in the eyes”.

Meanwhile, Clooney and Pitt starred in seven movies together during their 20-year long friendship.


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