Grace Dent wells up on MasterChef: Battle of Critics special

Grace Dent wells up on MasterChef: Battle of Critics special

Grace Dent welled up after the judges heaped praise on her cooking skills during the MasterChef: Battle of The Critics special on Thursday, December 28.

The BBC MasterChef critic prepared a Butter Chicken dish with rice in the festive special, where the 50-year-old anxiously awaited the expert opinion.

John Torode and Gregg Wallace praised the MasterChef alum’s dish. 

Torode gushed that he “loved” it, followed by Wallace’s genuine response admitting that he “could honestly just eat that by the ladle full. Well done you!” he added.

He raised a question highlighting: “God, you’re speechless. I’ve never seen you like this before. You alright, kid?”

“Oh don’t, honestly,” Dent sobbed.

She replied in a broken voice: “In my head, I was going to say lots of witty things here and there was going to be lots of banter but I’m just sitting here with my lip wobbling.”

The star apologized for her strange behavior and expressed gratitude for being on the show, adding: “I didn’t realise how emotional I was about it all until they said they liked my food at the end,” she continued, 

“It lifts all the pressure off you. I just felt lighter and giddy and certainly a little it proud of myself.”


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