Irina Shayk worries for daughter as father Bradley Cooper flaunts Gigi Hadid romance

Irina Shayk (L), Bradley Cooper (C) and Gigi Hadid (R)

Bradley Cooper’s intense romance with Gigi Hadid has reportedly left the actor’s ex Irina Shayk concerned.

An insider told OK! that the model worried that her six-year-old daughter, who she shares with the actor, might become too close to Hadid’s three-year-old girl Khai, who she welcomed with Zayn Malik.

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The source elaborated that she feared her daughter would become confused seeing her father be close to Shayk, who she notably shares a good co-parenting relationship with, and then do the same with Gigi.

The model’s concern also foresaw hurt for her daughter as she predicted that a breakup between Bradley and Gigi could be too much for the little one to handle.

“[Shayk] worries that if Bradley and Gigi’s relationship ends, it will leave her daughter confused and upset,” the insider noted.

“It’s got to be confusing for a kid to see her dad hugging her mom one minute and hugging and kissing Gigi the next.”


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