Jacob Elordi explains how he realised his passion for acting

Jacob Elordi reveals how he found his passion for acting in a new interview

Jacob Elordi has recently explained how his “unsettling” time at an all-boys Catholic school led him to discover acting.

Speaking to Variety, the Euphoria star said, “When I was 15, I was at an all-boys Catholic school and I was deeply unsettled and didn’t know why.”

“But then in theatre class, I read Waiting for Godot,” continued the 26-year-old.

Jacob stated, “I didn’t understand it, but something changed. Everything that I believed in just went out the window.”

After script readthrough, the Kissing Booth actor shared he knew he was going to be an actor.

“Acting, performance and story became my church. I worked 24 hours a day, devouring everything I could,” mentioned Jacob.

The Priscilla star explained, “My whole thing was about losing myself in the performance. But now I’m bringing Jacob Elordi to a performance, which is such a heady, trippy thing.”

“I’ve been in the process of trying to shake it as it grows bigger and louder. But strangely enough, I’m in a place now where I feel free,” he added.

For the unversed, Jacob, who is an Australian born actor, started his acting career with 2018 Aussie movies, Swinging Safari and The Very Excellent Mr Dundee

He came to the United States of America years later when he was cast in the teen drama, Euphoria.

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