Jemima Goldsmith wishes she had an arranged marriage: ‘Would’ve done me some favours’

Jemima Goldsmith seemingly favours arranged marriage like the one that at the heart of her new movie What’s Love Got To With It?.

In an interview with The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine, the screenwriter, 49, opened up about her marriage to former cricketer-turned-politician, Imran Khan, when she was just 21.

“Part of me thinks that if my parents had been sane and functional and able to agree, maybe it would have done me some favours to have had an arranged marriage,” she said.

Goldsmith’s directorial debut, for which she is also the producer, is inspired by her time in Pakistan during her nine-year marriage to the former Prime Minister of the country. The romantic comedy centres around the parallel worlds of modern dating and arranged marriages.

According to Jemima’s late father, late Sir James Goldsmith, “When a man marries his mistress, he creates a vacancy,” via the Daily Mail.

Jemima told The Mail that when she married Khan, she believed she was looking for “moral certainty.”

Despite her divorce to Khan, Jemima is still close to Khan as they co-parent their two boys.

While her new film – starring Shazad Latif, Lily James and Emma Thompson also featuring Sajal Aly – is about marriage, it is not something on the cards for Jemima.

“I am not against it,” she said. However, she describes it as “high investment, low yield” . . . “Which I think is self-explanatory,” she added.

The movie comes out on February 24, 2023.

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