Julia Fox targets Kim Kardashian, alleging triggered split with Kanye West by branding her ‘Drug Addict’

Julia Fox has pointed the finger at Kim Kardashian alleging that the reality star played a part in her breakup with Kanye West.

According to Fox’s forthcoming memoir, Down The Drain, Kardashian had discussions with her then-husband, West, where she raised concerns about Fox’s past struggles with drug use.

Julia Fox has been candid about her previous battles with substance abuse, openly discussing her experiences with heroin and multiple overdoses. 

It is these conversations, she claims, that initiated the chain of events leading to her separation from West.

According to reports from BuzzFeed, the breakup took place immediately after Julia Fox’s 32nd birthday in February 2022. 

Fox noted that West appeared “distant and preoccupied” during her birthday celebration, where he surprised her and her close friends with Birkin handbags as gifts. 

She further stated that the rapper insisted on multiple recreations of the gift-giving moment for the cameras, leading her to suspect that the gesture was more of a “publicity stunt” than a heartfelt sentiment. 

Julia Fox described how the next day she messaged West expressing that she was no longer enjoying their relationship. 

In response, West allegedly retorted, “If you loved me, you would support me.”

Following this exchange, the two had one final phone conversation, during which West disclosed that he had spoken with his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, and learned new information about Julia. 

He accused her of hiding her past struggles with drug addiction, exclaiming, “I didn’t know you were a drug addict.” 

Julia countered by reminding him that she had been upfront about her past, and even pointed out that he had his own history. 

The exchange escalated with emotional tension, and West eventually remarked, “You said you wouldn’t embarrass me.” The conversation left Julia distraught, prompting her to hang up.

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