King Charles advised not give in to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s demands

King Charles advised not give in to Prince Harry and Meghan Markles demands

A royal biographer has urged King Charles III to ‘leave Prince Harry at home’ instead of inviting him to the Coronation.

Angela Levin has said that doing so would get the Britain’s new monarch’s reign off to a “bad start” as tense relations between Harry and the rest of the Royal Family surge following the publication of the Duke’s book Spare.

“I believe the King will be a great monarch, but he mustn’t give in to Harry and Meghan’s demands, which will make him look weak and unconvincing, ” Levin wrote in a comment piece for Sky News Australia. 

She added: “His image as well as his reign begins with the Coronation, so he must leave Harry at home.”

On the other hand, its being reported that the Archbishop of Canterbury has been asked to act as an intermediary between King Charles III and Prince Harry as the monarch believes that the absence of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could create a greater distraction than their presence.

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