King Charles’ family called Kardashians with crowns

King Charles family called Kardashians with crowns

The British royal family has been called “the Kardashian with crowns” by a royal  commentator 

According to, Australian commentator Angela Mollard the public see the royal family members as “light entertainment”.

She said young people now engage more with the drama and less with the history of the Royal Family.

Writing for the Mail, she said “We might not have quite the reverence we afforded the late Queen Elizabeth, but Megxit, Spare and The Crown have repositioned the royals as light entertainment for a generation who engage more with the drama and less the history.

“The expert added, “However disrespectful it might sound, the royal family are the Kardashians with crowns for many younger Australians.”

She said the tabloid magazine industry sees the Sussexes as a “money-spinner” and notes that she also gets asked about them regularly by the public.

The royal family has recently been caught in controversies involving Prince Andrew’s sex scandal and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from the UK.

The late Queen had stripped her son Andrew of his royal patronages and military titles while Harry and Meghan continue to target the royal family from California where they moved after stepping down as working royals.


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