King Charles III’s coronation to be dissimilar to his late mother’s service in 1953

King Charles IIIs coronation to be dissimilar to his late mothers service in 1953

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla, who are set to be crowned in May, will reportedly break away from a key royal tradition as it has been deemed “too dated”.

The King’s coronation service, to be held at Westminster Abbey on may 6, will reportedly last 90 minutes. The ceremony will also have a slimmed down guest list, dissimilar to his late mother’s service in 1953.

During the first British Coronation service in over seventy years, the monarch and his wife may ditch clothing that is key to ceremony as the couple have opted against wearing the traditional uniform of silk stockings and breeches.

Britain’s new monarch is likely to wear military dress instead, with additional reports suggesting that he would don his Admiral of the Fleet uniform. The couple will also have two brand-new thrones made for them to sit on. 

However, Charles, the 27th monarch in history, will be crowned upon the chair which is said to be the oldest piece of furniture in the United Kingdom. There is reportedly always a new throne for a new monarch, and this will be no exception.

King Charles has previously promised to modernise some parts of the ceremony, as well as taking into consideration the current cost-of-living crisis.

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