Meghan Markle’s memoir will ‘forever flavor perspective of royal family’

Meghan Markles memoir will forever flavor perspective of royal family
Meghan Markle’s memoir will ‘forever flavor perspective of royal family’

Royal experts expressed uncertainty over Meghan Markle releasing a memoir.

The Duchess of Sussex have been tipped to follow in the footsteps of her husband Prince Harry and release a tell-all, owing to the couple’s still-intact deal with publishing company Penguin Random House.

However, royal commentator Roberta Fiorito weighed in on the consequences of the prospective project and its impact on the perception of public towards the royal family.

“The value of a first-person account is so massive,” she expressed during a conversation on The Royally Obsessed podcast.

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Cohost Rachel Bower added, “I really don’t think Meghan is going to write one.”

She continued: “I know, and it will forever flavor our royal perspective, even if you’re skeptical of it, so much information was shared, it’s a valuable piece of context.”

“I may be wrong, I might be swallowing my words this time next year,” the expert explained. “But, l just don’t… like you said, it’s an incredible value to us as royal watchers to have Harry’s first-hand account.”

PR expert Lynn Carratt previously advised the duchess against pursuing her far-reaching ambitions of a memoir in 2024 in a conversation with The Mirror earlier this week.

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“I am sure that is still the plan and it will form part of their deal with Penguin, but timing is everything and 2024 wouldn’t be the right time for its release,” she said.

“If Meghan is sensible, she will be looking for a quieter time in 2024, it’s time for her [to] take [a] step back from her association with the Royal Family and give that rift time to heal quietly.

“She can then quietly concentrate on her Philanthropy work. There will be a time in the future when an autobiography will be relevant, but not now,” the PR expert added. 


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