Piers Morgan launches scathing attack on Prince Harry after court’s verdict

Piers Morgan says: ‘I’ve never hacked a phone’

Piers Morgan took no time to launch new scathing attack against Prince Harry while denying involvement in phone-hacking after the Duke’s court victory against a UK media group on Friday.

The 58-year-old retaliated against Harry’s claims that he, as former Mirror editor, ‘knew’ about phone hacking.

In reaction to Harry’s claims, the former Good Morning Britain (GMB) presenter said there is “no evidence” to suggest that he ever hacked a phone, or told someone else to do so.

Morgan lambasted Harry outside his home on Friday, accusing the Duke of a “hypocritical” approach to privacy.

In his statement Morgan said: “There is just one article relating to the Prince published in the newspaper during my entire nine-year tenure as editor that he [the High Court judge] thinks may have involved some unlawful information gathering.

“To be clear, I had then and still have zero knowledge of how that particular story was gathered.”

Morgan went on reiterating: “I’ve never hacked a phone or told anyone else to hack a phone”.

“I wasn’t called as a witness by either side in the case nor was I asked to provide any statement. I would have very happily agreed to do either or both of those things had I been asked,” he added.

“So I wasn’t able to respond to the many false allegations that were spewed about me in court by old foes of mine with an axe to grind.”

The test case was brought by Prince Harry, and three other claimants, who accused the paper’s publisher Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) of using phone hacking and other unlawful information gathering methods to write stories.

A UK judge ruled on Friday that the Duke of Sussex was a victim of phone hacking by journalists working for Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN), and awarded the royal £140,600 ($179,600) in damages.

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