Prince Harry ‘balancing scandals for three employers’: ‘Can’t make people care otherwise’

Prince Harry has currently standing accused of selling his entire life story in three chunks to those paying the most.

This accusation has been issued by a filmmaker and journalist Ahmed Twaij, in an op-ed for the Al Jazeera.

In it he accused the Duke of hoarding his traumatic stories for money, ‘in equal amounts’ for his three employers.

He also said, “Harry’s latest claim, while promoting his book, is that his elder brother William — the first in line to the British throne — physically assaulted him.”

“Instead of relaying that to the police at the time, Harry opted to save the detail for a memoir sold at an official retail price of £28 ($34) per copy. I guess he needed to balance what scandalous topics made it to the Netflix documentary for which he and Meghan were reportedly paid $100m, what makes it to a Spotify podcast series apparently worth $18m and what made it to the book. How else would he get people to pay for all of them?”

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