Prince Harry has left King Charles with no more secrets to sell

Prince Harry’s candid admission have come under fire, because experts believe he’s managed to leave no secrets worth selling.

This claim has been brought to light by writer Raven Smith, in their piece for Vogue Online.

Smith even posed the question of royal secrets and asked if King Charles ‘really had any left’ after Prince Harry’s alleged ‘blab fest’.

The writer began by asking, “After this tell-all memoir, what’s really left to be said?”

“Are there any royal stones left unturned, any creepy crawlies that haven’t been exposed to sunlight? The truth is, it doesn’t matter; the crown will prevail and the talk will continue.”

“Any royal information (all those well-planned leaks) serves only to keep us all glued to royal life, as romantic and mysterious and inaccessible as it continues be.”

“We’ll never quite get it, so we’ll be forever second-guessing it—that’s the insatiable draw. As long as there’s a royal family, there will be pomp and pageantry and polls about abolition. There will be nastiness and nit-picking and negativity.”

“There will be weddings and coronations and Westminster Abbeys. There will be Charles, then William, then George, so saddle up. Long live speculation. Don’t deny you quite enjoy it.”

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