Queen Camilla set to take ‘perfect revenge’ on her haters

Queen Camilla set to take perfect revenge on her haters
Queen Camilla set to take ‘perfect revenge’ on her haters

King Charles III’s wife Queen Camilla has taken a smart move to teach lesson to those who speak ill on her.

Camilla, 76,  is reportedly set to “finally get her own back” on Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle with the launch of her new project, “The Reading Room” podcast, just months after the Sussexes’s exit from Spotify.

Camilla, who was the target of much of Harry’s ire in his memoir Spare and branded a “villain” and “dangerous”, has never publicly responded to these allegations.

Denise Palmer Davies, brand expert and director of Borne Media, told Fabulous: “After all the hurtful things Harry has said about Camilla, she has finally got her own back on them.”

Palmer added: “If her podcast does well, and I am sure it will, she will have achieved in an area they so desperately wanted to succeed in, then that is the perfect revenge.”

“I bet Meghan in particular will be livid over the whole thing, and probably a bit embarrassed that hers fell at the first hurdle,” claimed the expert:

Camilla will be joined by fellow avid readers and writers Dame Joanna Lumley, Ian Rankin, David Baddiel and Elif Shafak on her new series, with the first episode dropping on January 8.

Royal expert Jennie Bond told the same outlet: “We have learned in the past couple of years that reading has been a passion for Camilla since her childhood and this is a way of sharing that love.”

Camilla will not benefit financially from the podcast, and Bond added that the project is unlikely to be intended as revenge against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“It wouldn’t have been any part of Camilla’s decision to launch this podcast, she is better than that. I very much doubt that she gives Meghan much thought – she is far too busy making a resounding success of her new role,” she explained.

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