Queen the ‘original nepo baby’ but a better role model than Meghan Markle

Experts have just hailed Queen Elizabeth for ‘taking on’ her birth right effortlessly, despite being the ‘original nepo baby’.

These revelations and accusations have been issued by royal author Daniela Elser.

According to NZ Herald, she claimed, “Here is another not-quite irony. Her grandmother-in-law was one of the longest-serving female heads of state in history and who navigated the choppy, turbulent social and cultural waters of the 20th century.”

“Yes, it was a job she inherited, making her the original nepo baby, but what the Queen did with the throne is a masterclass in learning how to wield soft power and build respect.”

“From day one, Her Majesty was frequently the only woman in the room, a 20-something surrounded by a gaggle of stuffy, older men with strong opinions. By all accounts, she learned to more than hold her own.”

The expert also recalled an ‘absalute favorite’ instance where Queen Elizabeth drove the Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah around Balmoral “when it was illegal for women to drive in the Crown Prince’s homeland.”

“Now that is an example of a ‘global role model’ if ever I’ve heard one,” she added before concluding.

1: https://www.thenews.com.pk/latest/1057626-queen-the-original-nepo-baby-but-a-better-role-model-than-meghan-markle

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