Women, children martyred in Israeli attack on home in southern Gaza – SUCH TV

Israel continues relentless bombing on besieged Gaza and at least 23 Palestinians were martyred in Israeli air strikes in the city of Rafah.

According to international media reports, at least 23 people have been reportedly martyred, including seven children, in the bombing of the city of Rafah by Israeli forces.

Palestinian medical sources are saying at least 23 people have been martyred, including seven children and at least five women.

Three homes were destroyed by the strikes in the north of the city. People are feared trapped under the rubble.

Tens of thousands of displaced Palestinians have fled to Rafah after evacuation orders by the Israeli army but the city has been subjected to heavy bombing in recent days.

In addition to the raid in the city of Jenin, where four Palestinians have been martyred, Israeli forces have carried out operations in other parts of the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian Health Ministry is reporting that a fourth Palestinian has been killed in Israeli raids on Jenin in the occupied West Bank.

One person was wounded in the attack on al-Sibat neighbourhood, Arab media reported, while at least 40 people have been arrested.

Israeli forces have also surrounded three hospitals in the area, the report added.

With the latest killings, the death toll in West Bank since October 7 has gone up to 279.

1: https://www.suchtv.pk/world/item/123127-children-women-martyred-in-deadly-israeli-army-attacks-on-southern-gaza.html

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