Prince William favoured for being Diana’s son as public shuns King Charles

Prince William favoured for being Diana’s son as public shuns King Charles

As King Charles nears one year since ascending to the British throne after his mother Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, Prince William continues to reign on hearts of Britons.

Speaking to the Daily Express, royal author Kristen Meinzer reflected on the 41-year-old royal heir’s unbridled popularity in not only the UK but also all across America.

She ascribed it to what she referred to as his ‘Hollywood age,’ which is the time when someone is “living out the fairytale” of falling in love and becoming a young parent.

The podcast host also suggested that him being Princess Diana’s son is also one of the factors adding to his popularity.

“It’s the same with Hollywood stars,” Meinzer explained, “when they are the ages between roughly 15 and 45, when they are living out the fairytale, when they are young parents, when they are falling in love, all of those things are happening, that’s when the royals are most popular.”

“So, that’s definitely to William’s benefit, he just has age on his side, he also, as I said, the fact that he’s Diana’s son on his side, and, he also has on his side, people just don’t like Charles as much, they just don’t,” the royal expert affirmed.

Meinzer’s analysis comes after a source revealed that William and the King are in a ‘war’ behind palace doors, noting both are keen to one-up each other both in public and private.

“Though they’re very good at hiding their emotions in public, the tension between them is palpable — and behind palace doors, their discussions can get very heated,” spilled an insider to In Touch.


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